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Rooftop Rooms was established in 2004 by Colin and Gary. Since its formation Rooftop Rooms have built a reputation that has seen the company successfully complete over 1000 loft conversions.

In over 14 years’ of converting loft spaces our team have designed and built just about every permutation of a loft conversion, so not only do we have the expertise and experience to know what works best, but we also know what can be achieved by pushing the boundaries with creative design.

Our Skilled Team

With a continued demand for our services and our commitment to excellence, we have added to our skilled team of professionals, training new members to maintain our high standards of construction and service.

Our teams of loft conversion specialists will provide a comprehensive loft conversion service including unrivalled design, dedicated project management and a complete construction service with high quality craftsmanship. We have a wealth of experience in our team of staff, with specialists in all aspects of the loft conversion process. We believe it is the expertise of our team that enables us to create stunningly finished loft conversions and amazing living spaces for our clients.

Right from your preliminary enquiry our team will be able to guide you through the entire process, discussing your personal requirements, considering both planning and building regulations, through to the highly qualified tradesmen building and fitting-out the loft space. The whole team will be working towards helping you achieve the perfect addition to your home!

Read more about our dedicated loft conversions team here.

Creating Unique Living Spaces

At Rooftop Rooms each loft conversion project is treated as an individual, bespoke living space.

Our in-house team design and build loft conversion spaces which are both suitable for the type of property and your personal requirements. We combine practical technical design with creative flair to produce unique living spaces you can enjoy. Our team will work with you through the entire process, from commissioning the company and considering all of the important technical and design elements, right through to snagging and applying the finishing touches, and the final sign-off of your completed loft conversion.

We are passionate about our company and take great pride in our work!

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