During this unusual and difficult time there is no need to put your loft conversion plans on hold!!

Here at Rooftop Rooms, we are still more than happy to provide you with an estimate.

Although we can’t visit your property we have created a list of questions that you will need to answer, and with the help of some photos or video footage we can then provide you with an estimate.

Send an email to sally@rooftoprooms.co.uk with answers to the questions below and the appropriate photos and we’ll be in touch.

We remain available on 020 8367 0066 if you need to talk to us or have any questions.

  • your name and best contact number so that we can get in touch if we have any questions.

  • your full address including post code, as this will enable us to view the exterior of the property on Google Maps.

  • the location of the boiler, and whether there is a hot water tank or pressurized cylinder and if so where they are.

  • the height from the existing 1st floor ceiling joists to the bottom of the ridge board (the highest point of the existing loft space).

  • a photo of your existing boiler, including the make and model (which is normally visible on the boiler itself).

  • a photo of your electrical fuse board/consumer unit and its location.

  • a photo of the back of the property, ideally showing the location of the soil pipe. Does the property have a soffit or is the fascia board fixed to the back wall?

  • a photo of the first floor hallway. Once we have this photo we may need you to provide some dimensions but we will talk you through this if necessary.

  • a photo of the downstairs hallway. Is it open plan or an enclosed hallway?

  • a description of what you’d like the loft to be: a bedroom, living space, a den maybe? Do you need an en-suite or seperate shower room? What type of windows, doors? Basically any ideas of what you are hoping to achieve.