Planning & Permitted Development

  • Local Authority Planning Permission applications
  • Loft conversion planning applications
  • Town and Country Planning Act

Properties that require full planning consent:

  • Properties located in a conservation area

  • Top floor flats/apartments

  • Properties with no permitted development rights

Around 90% of loft conversions constructed do not require formal planning permission; they are constructed under the property’s permitted development rights.

Permitted development rights mean that you are allowed to develop the existing roof space within the individual constraints of permitted development, without any prior consultation with the local authority planning department.

By choosing a company like Rooftop Rooms Ltd with our own in-house architectural technicians, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to ensure that the construction meets all of the requirements of permitted development.

If we have any concerns on any aspect of the construction then we will submit an application to the local authority, known as a ‘Lawful Development Application’ to confirm that the proposal meets the legal requirements of permitted development.

Our in house architectural technicians have expertise, developed over years of working in the loft industry, to prepare and submit the required planning application. You would be speaking directly with our in house design and engineering team, ensuring complete continuity throughout the process.

We can provide you with the expert guidance to ensure that any applications, if required, are submitted and our team will liaise with the local planners to achieve a successful outcome.

Party Wall Act 1996

Under the terms of the Party Wall Act, you are required to serve written notice to any adjoining neighbours, as the works involved directly affect the party wall that separates your properties.

The written notice should be served well in advance of any works commencing to ensure that the neighbour’s requirements in terms of the notice are met. The notice must be served to the owner and not to any in-situ tenants. If the adjoining property is divided into flats then a notice must be served to each flat and the freeholder. If you are a top floor flat owner then you must also serve notice to your downstairs neighbour.

If any neighbour dissents to the notice, then an independent surveyor/surveyors will need to be appointed and a party wall award will need to be in place before work commences.

We are well versed in the requirements of the Party Wall Act and work closely with a local chartered surveyor to ensure that the advice and information we provide is correct.

We can provide you with a template notice to cover the requirements of your individual property.

  • Partition Wall Award - Building regulations
  • The Party Wall Act for loft conversions

Building Regulations

  • Building Regulations for loft conversions
  • Building Regulations Compliance Certificates
  • Loft conversion building regulations compliance

The new construction will need to meet current building regulations standards.

We work closely with an independent building inspector to ensure that both our engineering team and the team on site are completely up to date on current requirements.  We appoint an independent inspector who will make numerous visits to the property throughout the construction to ensure that the construction meets requirements. At the end of the project the building inspector will provide final certification to confirm that the construction meets current standards and that the new loft space is now classified as habitable living space.

The above information is just a brief précis of each of the legal processes of the loft conversion; please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help.

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