Project Description

Two of the most advantageous features of bungalows are that they typically have a large footprint and a steeply pitched roof, which means that the space provided by a loft conversion can be expansive.

One of the most important aspects and considerations for anybody undertaking a bungalow conversion is to consider the impact that the stairs will have on the existing living space. Our architectural team will often be able to provide a number of options to ensure that the addition of a staircase to the ground floor blends well with the existing living space. Here at Rooftop Rooms we have found that having our own in-house design and project management team means we can provide our clients with the specialist experience required to make the most of the opporunity a bungalow conversion can provide.

Transforming The Living Space

Everyone’s home is their castle but for one particular client their new home was of particular sentimental value.

I recently moved into a bungalow in Cockfosters, where my parents had previously lived for almost 30 years. The bungalow has vast sentimental value to me, so I was keen to keep the property in my family; however I was also desperate to make it feel more like my own, by re-configuring and modernising the layout. I decided to start by converting the loft to create more living and storage space.

I was anxious at first to undertake such a huge amount of work to my home, so I decided that I needed specialist help and employed the services of Rooftop Rooms. From the outset I was guided through the entire process and their in-house architectural team was able to turn my ideas into a design for the perfect loft that I had envisaged, which put me massively at ease.

Bespoke Design Features

It was clear from the initial discussion with our client that she was looking to achieve a peaceful retreat with some indulgent luxury. As well as having an experienced design team we are very fortunate to have some of the industry’s most experienced loft conversion construction teams; often able to suggest additional possibilities and enhancements to the client whilst works are in progress. This valuable experience ensures that no opportunity to make the most of the space available is missed.

I was very impressed with all the knowledgeable and hardworking trades that worked on my home. They always ensured that my home was kept clean and tidy throughout the build, which pleasantly meant that disruption was kept to a minimum.

They made suggestions for improvement as works progressed that I now realise were invaluable.

Integrated Walk-in Wardrobe

Due to the construction teams experience during this project, our client ended up with the surprise addition of a huge walk-in wardrobe.

Early in construction the site foreman could already see that the available space was going to more than fulfil the client requirement for a bedroom with enough space for a reading and chill-out area. It was during this initial construction phase that the suggestion was made to introduce a completely separate walk-in wardrobe come dressing room.  As the images show the result is amazing and not something the client had expected to be able to achieve with the space they thought they had available.

Walk-in Wardrobe

I am absolutely thrilled with my new luxury master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. The space and layout works beautifully well and it has definitely exceeded my expectations.

I now enjoy spending the majority of my time in my new peaceful retreat, looking out over the beautiful views and I can now fully appreciate that it is the best thing that I have ever done. The loft conversion has completely transformed a once small, outdated bungalow into an amazingly comfortable and spacious home, which I haven’t stopped receiving compliments on from anyone that comes over to see it.

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