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Perhaps the largest type of loft conversion, a ‘Detached Property Loft Conversion’ can take many shapes, depending on the nature of the property and the additional space required.

Our in-house architectural team have worked on a wide range of detached properties, so they have the expertise and experience to advise our clients on the design options that are possible and in adapting the available space to suit their living requirements.

Rooftop Rooms

This detached property is located near Epping Forest and was the second loft conversion that we had completed for this client. Having already used our construction services in their previous home to create a loft conversion, they knew that we could help them achieve the loft conversion they had visualised when they purchased the property.

However, whilst the house was relatively new it was located in a conservation area and therefore unlike most loft conversions required planning consent from the local authority. With our in-house architectural technician’s vast planning experience he was able to produce a plan that met both the clients’ requirements in terms of space and design, whilst ensuring that the external design elements met the requirements of the local authority’s planning officer.

When we were looking for the property it was all about location, once we found the location we knew from working with Rooftop Rooms previously that they would be able to help us adapt our new home to meet our individual design ideas. As the conversion required planning we knew that externally the architect would have to design something that was complimentary to the existing style of the property, what he came up with totally exceeded our expectations and we are so happy with the outcome.

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A Unique Loft Bedroom & En Suite

As you can see from the photographs the loft has some great features; these have been created by the addition of the small dormers, enabling us to get the stairs up to the loft and creating some quirky areas in the loft. The light into the loft was enhanced further by the addition of some Velux windows to the front elevation.

This client wanted to create a completely open space with the en suite being part of the bedroom creating a really luxury hotel like feel, the results are stunning!

The space is amazing! The workmanship faultless, I make no excuses I have some very strong design ideas I am sure everyone was fed up of me! All joking aside everyone from the architect, the technical project manager and the construction team on site they were all more than willing to work with us to make sure that we got exactly what I wanted.

A Two Bedroom Loft Conversion With Shower Room

Our second example of a loft conversion in a detached property is located in a quiet leafy Enfield street. We have completed a number of conversions in this street and this is an excellent example of what can be achieved. This large detached house provided our clients with the possibility of creating an additional two bedrooms and a separate sizeable shower room in a loft conversion. This was achieved by the addition of a full width dormer that meant that the usable space could be easily divided up into excellent sized bedrooms.

Detached loft conversion

The Master Bedroom With Walk-in Wardrobe

The bedroom at the rear of the property is an above average sized double bedroom, with another great example of a walk-in wardrobe area; the room has been beautifully designed for the homeowners’ teenage daughter. It is a great private space for her! At present the homeowners are using the designated walk-in wardrobe space as a combination of study area come dressing area and have plans to design bespoke furniture at a later date.

The rear bedroom is light and bright due to some wonderful full width French doors.

Second Loft Bedroom With Fitted Storage

The second loft bedroom was located in the front section of the roof and accommodates the homeowner’s son. In this bedroom the loft space has been designed to make great use of the eaves area under the roof. The bespoke fitted furniture is integrated into the roof-line providing invaluable storage in an otherwise redundant space.

The room is really bright and airy thanks to two large feature Velux windows that provide great views of London in the distance.

Detached loft conversion - bedroom 2

Additional Shower Room

Thanks to our in-house architectural technicians the family have also benefited from the welcome addition of a separate shower room which can be easily shared between the two children in the loft bedrooms. This good sized space comfortably accommodates a large walk in rain shower.

Detached loft conversion - Shower Room

Loft Staircase Design

The new staircase to the loft is a seamless match to the original staircase and looks like it has always been there. It is our attention to detail in creating the design and in adding the finishing touches to quality craftsmanship that make our loft conversions exceptional.

Another great example of what can be achieved!

Loft conversion staircase

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